November 19, 2015

Real Estate Seller Services

So you are ready to expand, contract, diversify, upgrade or any other myriad of reasons you may have for selling your current building or facility. JPC Real Estate Seller Services can help. Perhaps you are unsure where to start and need help in deciding whether it even makes sense for you to sell. It might be better to keep and lease the facility or it might not. Maybe the market is soft or maybe it is on fire which creates an entirely new set of problems.

These factors all impact your decision to sell and it is our job to help you have all of the information at your disposal to make the right decision. At JPC Real Estate Seller Services, we are analysts at heart and we understand the importance of making sure you make the right decision. This is a significant decision in the life of your business. Know that the real estate team you are working with is more than just a listing agency.

We are a creative real estate agency and understand that, to maximize your dollars you have to be able to think outside the box. This can be true in terms of exchanges, creative seller financing and asset or equity transitions that are outside the scope of most traditional commercial brokerages. Because we are involved at every stage of the real estate process from development to sales, we understand where opportunities may exist that you might not otherwise know about.

At J Phillips Commercial, we don’t just sell properties, we provide you with the data and tools to make intelligent choices and then we execute based on a collaborative effort to understand what is important to you. Find out more today!