November 19, 2015

Real Estate Sales

Whether you are looking to resize your operations, purchase an investment property, 1031 into a different property or divest a real estate asset, we are your real estate sales solution. Real Estate Sales can be broken down into two segments – Buyer Services and Seller Services. Each category contains different specialties and we are here to help, no matter your commercial or investment real estate needs.

Buyer Services

Click the title to learn more. This includes locating a selection of appropriate properties, determining the best offer price and terms, negotiating to a final agreement, assisting in the financing and then executing the sale and transfer of the property. Buyer services covers the entire range of activity from the time you decide to purchase a property until the time you decide to move in.

Seller Services

Click the title to learn more. When you decide to sell an asset, there are a lot of moving parts that go into motion which may not be readily apparent. What price should I sell it at? What are the tax ramifications of selling in different formats? Is it better to sell or lease financially? What are my long-term goals and how does the sale of this property fit in with those goals? What is the best delivery mechanism for selling this asset? All of these are valid questions and ones that we can help you answer to determine the best method for selling your property.

No matter whether you are buying or selling, the process is disruptive to your daily activities and we are here to minimize the noise. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you with your real estate purchase or sale. At J Phillips Commercial, we will help you fulfill your real estate goals with the least amount of negative impact to your operations. Our consulting team can even help you coordinate your move including property improvements and equipment relocation.

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