December 1, 2015

Real Estate Leasing

Real Estate Leasing for commercial property falls under the Facilities Management category and covers all activities associated with leasing a property that is more than four residential units (multi-family), retail, office or industrial property used for commercial purposes. Real Estate Leasing can also fall within the Property Management category dedicated to the leasing of residential assets of one to four units per property. While these may seem similar in nature, there is a significant difference in how to be most effective in each area. In other words, leasing commercial property is far different than leasing residential property.

At J Phillips Commercial, we understand the ins and outs of leasing, managing and maintaining each type of property which is why we are so good at our job. What makes us stand out from the crowd is not only our attention to detail, but our relentless pursuit of protecting property owner interests.

Whether it is negotiating the best deal, researching tenant suitability or making sure that an asset is well maintained and protected, we will always have your back as the property owner. More importantly, we communicate and consult with you. This is the area where we here most complaints from other Property Management or Facilities Management companies, their lack of care and communication. This is where we at J Phillips Commercial draw the line. We are not just Property and Facility Managers. We are relationship builders and relationships are best built on a foundation of trust. Trust is based on communication.

We are open and up front about our pricing and we will never occupy a property or spend a dollar of your maintenance money without consulting with you first unless you request otherwise. We are more than a real estate and development agency, we are your real estate partner.

Please contact us with any questions.