November 19, 2015

Real Estate Buyer Services

When you are searching for real estate, you don’t have time to waste researching the ones that won’t work for you or your business. This is why we at J Phillips Commercial Real Estate Buyer Services take painstaking care to do our homework up front so we don’t waste your time on the backend. We drill down on key metrics that we help you identify to understand what is important to help your business thrive.

Whether the primary drivers are geographical, logistical, financial or otherwise, we understand that it has to suit your needs and not ours. Your JPC agent will walk you through the process of identifying those critical parameters and then we will stay with you through the entire process and even beyond. JPC Real Estate Buyer Services.

Should you buy existing or maybe it makes more sense to build your facility. We understand the ins and outs of the entire process and can tell you what may be beneficial or detrimental when determining how to upgrade your facilities. We can do this because we are more that a commercial real estate brokerage, we manage the entire process and that means that we have a better understanding of the plusses and minuses for different real estate strategies.

What about real estate investing? We cater to the investor looking to maximize ROI through cost savings and tax advantages. We know the ins and outs from the ground up and can help you find the type of property you need with the right returns attached, whether through development, 1031 exchange or straight purchase.

J Phillips Commercial is your commercial real estate solution from the ground up. Find out how we can serve you today!