November 19, 2015

Property Management

You may ask what is the difference between Property Management and Facilities Management. Typically, Facilities Management is the leasing, maintenance and operation of a commercial facility whereas Property Management is the leasing, maintenance and operation of a residential or one to four unit property.

The next question is usually something along the lines of, “Well, isn’t J Phillips Commercial a commercial real estate and development company? Why do you offer Property Management?” This is a really good question so here is the answer. While we are a commercial real estate and development company, we got our start in the residential investment world which includes identifying solid investment opportunities but also included the rehabilitation, sale, rental and maintenance of residential assets.

We managed individual properties, but found our sweet spot was in servicing pools of properties for investors and we were really good at it. Our goal was to be 100% focused on commercial real estate however so we began to move out of managing residential properties, but ended up not being a good idea. Many of our clients crossover between commercial and residential real estate and did not like the thought of us not managing their residential assets so here we are.

Just like facilities management, we are detailed and our primary focus is the protection of our property owners. We have your back. We are best suited to handling multiple assets and don’t have issue with geographical dispersion although we recommend you keep your assets as close together as possible for your own sanity. We take on all the headache for leasing and maintenance. We can even be your rehab or flipping consultant or our real estate team can find suitable rental properties with strong cash flow.

We are here to serve you so contact us and let us find out how we can best satisfy your real estate and property management requirements. View our pricing guidelines here.