November 19, 2015

Project Management

If there is one critical component in getting your project from ground-up, on time and within budget, it is Project Management. It’s tough when your job is herding cats and that is exactly what Project Management is. Keeping track of things that constantly want to wander off in one direction or another and, when they do, it always end up costing a small fortune.

All About Project Management

Construction Management is the process of controlling the timeline, budget and delivery of a building. That is only one segment of Project Management. Take all of the pieces of creating a building from conception to the time where you put the key in the door and that is Project Management. A project is calibrated by time and cost and any project management company will call a project successful if it comes in early and under budget, but that is not the case at JPC.

Our goal as your project management partner is to be as realistic as possible and our performance metrics dictate that a successful project to us is one that comes in on time and right on budget. You see, if it is early then we did not do our job of identifying potential time saving steps up front. If a project comes in under budget, then we did not plan cost effectively to start. Our goal then is to calculate and anticipate where we can save you time and money up front and to be as accurate as possible.

The next aspect of being competent in Project Management is executing on milestones. If a project slips in one area, then how do you get it back on track? It is really hard to play catch up with a complex and intricate schedule. The best way to get a project back on track is to not let it slip in the first place. This is our goal and, while we cannot always keep a project 100% accurate to milestone timelines, we will drive with this as our primary focus. Constant and consistent monitoring and reporting of progress is the best way we have found to achieve this goal.

JPC, your Project Management Partner.

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