November 19, 2015

Green Services

Want green development? We have a Green Services Team and they are experts who will help you incorporate green into the very beginning design phase so it doesn’t look like an afterthought in your project. Also, before you discount green development, let us help you see if it can put a different kind of green in your pocket.

J Phillips Commercial we help you with everything from CALGreen fulfillment to solar energy, and everything in between. There is a huge initiative rolling out at every level for green development and sustainable projects that utilize more environmentally friendly development. So if you have a question let us know.

We are continuing to build out this section of the site and will be adding more information on a regular basis regarding green friendly services, so make sure you check back often. Also, tell us if you would like us to notify you as updates to our Green Services become available.

Thank you,
The JPC Green Services Team