November 19, 2015

Facilities Management

From 500 to 500,000 square feet, we are your resource for facilities and facilities management. We are efficient, safe, reliable and we get in front of problems before they occur. Additionally, we are flexible with several different service levels because one size does not fit all.

At J Phillips Commercial, we take on your facility management headaches so you don’t have to, with a focus to keeping maintenance costs in line through proper forecasting and budgeting. Additionally, we develop a service schedule to keep repairs to a minimum and to keep expenses planned. Surprises in facilities management are rarely the pleasant kind.


If you are leasing, our professional staff will work with you to get your building occupied by the right people in the shortest time possible. We will aggressively market your facility until we get it rented and we will continue to work with the tenants to ensure they have the best experience possible because that is the best way to keep your property at 0% vacancy. Maintenance and attention to detail are what keeps the tenant happy, but our primary focus is the property owner and negotiating the best possible outcome is our goal. We are your representative and we will always protect your interests first and foremost. That is our job.

Owner Occupants

For owner occupants who want to eliminate the headache of facilities management, we work closely with you to define your facility goals and we develop and execute a program that keeps the headaches on our side of the fence, not yours. We understand that your goal was to be in an environment most conducive to doing what you do best, your business. Not property management.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and to get a quote for facilities management. Also, you can see our pricing guidelines here.