November 19, 2015

Construction Management

Once you are approved through the planning process and once you have gone through plan check and resolved the myriad of comments, then you can get your permits and begin the construction process. Or can you? Construction Management is the process of working closely with you to get you through construction as painlessly and as cost effectively as possible. Unless you are an experienced developer and sometimes even when you are an experienced developer, the transition to construction can cost you valuable time and money. Rewind the clock to before you are even submitted for planning approval. We begin the process of identifying and vetting the right General Contractor for you.

All About Construction Management

Not all GC’s are made for every project. It is not a one-size-fits-all. Some GC’s have varying levels of experience with different types of projects – industrial, office, retail and specialty. Some General Contractors have better capacity to handle the more complex projects and control change orders. Construction Management, like a good game of chess, is knowing all the players and using them effectively to win the game. JPC helps you through the selection process before the project even begins because there is a ramp-up time and when your permits are ready and you have financing or funds in place, every day that you delay costs you money. We make sure you hit the ground running when your permits are ready.

Great! So you have your permits in hand and your GC has gotten the project rolling so you are all good to go, right? Not so fast! Everyone understands the complexities of constructing a project and that things can happen beyond the control of either the GC or the property owner. As your Construction Management company, it is our job to anticipate problems before they happen. As good as we are, things come up that we can’t prevent. When they do, it is our job to deal with them as expeditiously as possible and to get your project moving forward again.

How do we do all this? By scheduling each step of the process, keeping tight control on the construction timeline and by monitoring on a frequent and consistent basis progress against the timeline. Finally, the secret sauce to our success in Construction Management is the communication we establish with all parties involved, but primarily with you, our client.

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